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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Feminism from an African and Matriarchal Culture PerspectiveCAMARA, Fatou Kiné
1990Feminism from an African and Matriarchal Culture PerspectiveCAMARA, Fatou Kiné
1993Gender and HIV/AIDS in Sub- Saharan Africa: the cases of Uganda and MalawiMarcus, Rachel
1994The Indivisibility of Women's Human Rights: A Continuing DialogueFried, Susana T.
1995AMwA Beijing HerstoryAkina Mama Wa Afrika
1995Reclaiming the African Woman's Individuality: The Struggle between Women's Reproductive Autonomy and African Society and CultureAdjetey, Fitnat Naa-Adjeley
1996The Role of Female Spiritualists in Africa- Persistence with ChangeAnyinam, Charles A.
1997Female Circumcision: Rite of Passage or Violation of Rights?Althaus, Frances A.
1997Migrant Women's Human Rights in G-7 CountriesFamily Violence Prevention Fund; Center for Women's Global Leadership
1997Transforming Female Identities- Women's Organisational Forms in West AfricaRosander, Eva Evers
1997HIV/AIDS Counselling: A Training Guide for TrainersIEC Family Health; National AIDS Co-Ordination Programme
2000Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment through Gender Responsive Trade Agreements: Experiences from Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and ZambiaMusa, Roselynn; Idembe, Carol
2000Statecraft and Pursuing Women's Rights in AfricaOkech, Awino
2000Amplifying the Voices of Girls and Young Women in Governance: Baseline Survey ReportTrust Regional Network of the Children And Young People
2000Information Booklet on Counter Trafficking in Persons Act, 2010Refugee Consortium of Kenya
2000Monitoring and Investigating Excessive Use of ForceAmnesty International; CODESRIA
2000Monitoring and Investigating Torture, Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment, and Prison ConditionsAmnesty International; CODESRIA
2000Women, Intangible Heritage and Development: Perspectives from the African RegionSutherland-Addy, Esi
2000Women and Health Seeking Behaviour in Religious Contexts: Reproductive and Anti-Natal Care in Ghanaian Religious Movements, A Case Study of the Twelve Apostles ChurchSackey, Brigid M.
2000Monitoring and Investigating Death in CustodyAmnesty International and CODESRIA