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Title: Gender and HIV/AIDS in Sub- Saharan Africa: the cases of Uganda and Malawi
Other Titles: Report prepared for Centre for Development Studies, University College Swansea
Authors: Marcus, Rachel
Keywords: African countries
Gender Dimensions
Economic Problem
Same-Sex Relationships
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: BRIDGE (development - gender) Institute of Development Studies
Abstract: This report discusses the gender dimensions of the impact of HIV/AIDS in Sub- Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on Uganda and some reference to Malawi. The Ugandan Government has, from early on in its recognition of HIV/AIDS as a serious health, social and economic problem for the country, been relatively open about the scale of the problem and has allowed considerable indigenous and foreign research into HIV/AIDS. As a result there is substantially more material on HIV/AIDS in Uganda than any other African country. The limited existing material available on HIV/AIDS in Malawi consists mainly of seroprevalence surveys; discussion of social or gender aspects is absent. Inferences drawn for Malawi, therefore, are based partly on the experience of other African countries, particularly Uganda, and to a lesser extent Zambia and Zaire.
ISSN: 185864 148 9
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