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dc.description.abstractThis paper builds on extensive research on the profound challenges faced by the Palestinian people in the context of the prolonged Israeli occupation. What this paper aims to surface, are the ways in which the Israeli occupation results in a wide array of human rights violations that have a significant impact on women and to consider international legal accountability mechanisms for redress. Recognizing the reality of structural gender inequalities within Palestinian society, this analysis is strictly concerned with the multiple layers of violations that Palestinian women are subjected to as a consequence of the Israeli occupation. This is not to suggest that the impact on the male population, routinely targeted by the machinery of violence and policies of the occupation, is no important. But rather, the paper aims at providing an analysis that articulates the particular impact of occupation on the rights of women and girls in order to contribute to a comprehensive analysis of the full picture. An analysis that is inclusive of the gendered impact of occupation would ensure that all efforts and institutional responses to address the impact of the occupation on Palestinian people as a national collective simultaneously respond to the sex and gender-specific challenges.en_US
dc.publisherUN Women Palestineen_US
dc.subjectExtensive Researchen_US
dc.titleInternational Legal Accountability Mechanisms Palestinian Women Living under Occupationen_US
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