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Title: Treatment 2.0: Is this the Future of Treatment?
Authors: UNAIDS
Keywords: Antiviral
HIV Testing
HIV treatment
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: Everyone wants to do things smarter, faster and better.But the reality is that treatment today is complicated. From starting HIV treatment to maintenance, the treatment process works, but each step is cumbersome and expensive.Up to 80% of the cost of treatment isn’t for the medication but for the systems to get it to a person and to keep him or her on it. Globally, only one third of people who need treatment are on it. HIV testing is underutilized—most people still find out that they are HIV-positive when they develop clinical symptoms of AIDS. Antiviral therapy is not homogeneous in cost, effectiveness or tolerability. And resistance can build up, making it necessary to maintain costly labs to monitor each person on treatment.
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