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Title: Gender, Migration and the Reconfiguration of the Labour Market
Authors: Phalane, Manthiba
Keywords: Migration
Labour Markets
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: Migration is often seen as gender-neutral because it deals with the process of the movement of persons. However, it is in fact gender related because migration experience impacts differently on men and women, and on different groups of men and women in their process of movement. The conditions under which a migrant enters a receiving country or population can have broad implications for all involved. The experiences men and women have as migrants differ worldwide, and most of the differences are due to their role, behaviour and relationships that society assigns to, and expects from, in sending or receiving countries. Thus the expression migration experience, in this paper refers to the fact that different causes for migration will produce different outcomes observable from a sociological perspective for men and for women. Considering that a migrant can be a slave, refugee or job seeker (Chen, 2006:231), or have some other reason for moving, this paper departs from the point of view that no single theory can provide a comprehensive explanation for the migration process.
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