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Title: Can Nigeria be the China of Africa?
Authors: Soludo, Chukwuma C.
Keywords: Underdevelopment
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: I am delighted to be invited to deliver the Founders’ Day Lecture of the University, and I thank the Governing Council, Vice-Chancellor and Management of the University of Benin for the honor. I understand that this University was initially founded in 1970--- the watershed year in Nigeria’s history, being the end of the civil war and the regeneration of hope in a united Nigeria. In 1975, the University was taken over by the Federal Government. That year was the peak of the first oil boom and the consequent construction/reconstruction boom, and hence the University was built on hope and optimism for Nigeria. The University of Benin, as a child of hope, was established to cement and propel that hope. Our chequered history so far in the fulfillment of that hope is well known to all of us.
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