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Title: Women, Intangible Heritage and Development: Perspectives from the African Region
Authors: Sutherland-Addy, Esi
Keywords: Culture
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: In preparing this preliminary study, we held discussions with eminent scholars and women activists in Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, and Kenya. (please see appendix A for details). The very mention of the phrase “intangible heritage’ tended to provoke a discussion the around the definition of the concept and the context in which such intangible heritage might be identified. Section I of this paper therefore builds on these discussions and on reading undertaken for further elucidation towards setting out the major characteristics of women’s intangible heritage in Africa. In Section II a number of representative institutions will be presented as contexts within which certain forms of women’s intangible heritage have been created, developed, and transmitted over the years. Section III of the paper summarizes our main findings so far with respect to the types of institutions and programmes and studies, which are foregrounding women’s intangible knowledge. This brief survey is accompanied by indicative lists of gender programmes, and studies on gender, intangible culture and development in appendices B and C respectively. The section IV of the paper provides a number of suggestions on the possible direction which the project could take and the priority areas that could be considered in the conclusion of the paper briefly looks at urgent questions, which seem to be emerging around the question of women’s intangible culture particularly as it relates to development.
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