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Title: Centralising Women's Agency in Peace Building And Ending Conflict: The Burundi Crisis
Authors: Isis-WICCE
Keywords: Burundi
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: The Burundi conflict is one of the prominent intrastate conflicts threatening stability in the Great Lakes Region and characterized by high rates of civilian casualties and massive human rights violations. As women and girls who want to see peace and calm restored in Burundi, the Barundikazi were passionately interacting via different media but had not met physically, sought a space to interact, connect and chart out their collective course of action. A consultative meeting in Entebbe brought together the women's movement from the region (Rwanda, South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda) in solidarity with the Burundi women to strategize for their effective participation in the dialogue for restoration of peace and security in Burundi.
ISBN: 9789970290307
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