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Title: African Women in Political Participation and Transformational Leadership: Workshop Report
Authors: African Women's Development Fund
Wilson, Shamillah
Musa, Roselynn
Keywords: Political Participation
Transformational Leadership
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: African Women's Development Fund
Abstract: "Women's political participation has always been a key strategy of women's movements to ensure that their interests are taken into account. However, the reality of women 's continued marginalisation from power which can be attributed to dominant patriarchal paradigms, lack of capacity, and negative perceptions of women's leadership is cause for critical concern for women's movements, particularly in a context of increasing fundamentalisms and conservatism. In recognition of the importance of women's political participation, the African Women's Development Fund (AWDF) convened a two day workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, with regional, sub-regional and national women's organisations on women's political participation and transformational leadership. Key objectives included to share experiences, to assess what has worked in terms of enhancing women’s political participation and to develop forward-looking strategies that would address challenges women face in mainstream politics and processes. In reflecting on successes in getting women into political power, the key element was a clear agenda crafted from consultations with women across all levels of society."
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