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Title: Bringing Gender Dimensions Back from Obscurity: Governance, Peace and Security in Africa
Authors: Olonisakin, Funmi
Keywords: Peace
Policy Briefs
Gender Inequality
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: African Women's Development Fund
Abstract: Efforts to address the gender dimensions of governance, peace and security in Africa have registered some success. At the same time, fundamental challenges remain. These challenges continue to relegate gender issues to the periphery of peace and security. Among other things; this policy paper discusses the disconnect between policy, scholarship and activism; and the reality on the ground. It argues, among other things, that there is not yet a narrative that moves Africa towards transformation in gender relations in peace and security processes in Africa. The paper makes a set of observations which, in part, explain the absence of a qualitative shift toward gender equality in these fields. It offers some proposals for relocating gender considerations in mainstream governance, peace and security discourse and practice.
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