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Title: BRIDGE development- gender: Supporting Social Movementsto Advance Women's Rights and Gender Justice
Authors: Horn, Jessica
Keywords: Women's Rights
Gender Justice
Gender equality
Social Movement
Feminism Movement
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Institution of Development Studies
Abstract: "There is strong evidence from around the world that progressive social movements are a critical force for creating vibrant participatory democracies and for promoting social justice, development, peace and environmental sustainability. Women's movements, for instance, have been a leading force in advancing gender justice, by asserting women's rights as social and political norms, and pressing for government policy and legal change that have advanced gender equality in several arenas. At the same time, a rise in massaged based religious fundamentalist movements and the growth of ‘popular conservativism' is pushing back the legal, policy and social gains made by social justice movements and particularly, equal rights for women. It is thus strategic for donors interested in advancing inclusive  development and human rights to resource the work of social movements in ways that promote the full integration of women's rights and gender justice in the politics and practices of the movements themselves."
ISBN: 9781781181669
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