African feminist futures: Macroeconomic pathways

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dc.description.abstract A lot can change in two decades and if any region demonstrates that, Africa does. In twenty years we have seen the continent move from being framed as the world’s “problem case” to the exciting new frontier of “Africa Rising". However, fuelled heavily by GDP growth rates, the “rising” narrative has been adept at obscuring a reality of widening wealth inequality and persistent poverty among majority sections of the continent’s population even while witnessing the emergence of mega shopping malls and cell phones in almost every hand. A substantial part of these rapid changes – population growth, urbanisation, expansion of basic education enrolments, growth of the service sector, proliferation in mobile telephony and digital technology – continue to exist alongside high unemployment, poor infrastructural development and inadequate access for many to fundamental rights-based services such as water, sanitation, energy, healthcare, and education. In 2017 the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) released a report titled Futures Africa: trends for women by 2030 which offers a projection on African women’s lives across social, economic, political and technological (digital) trends in the coming decades The report outlined major expected shifts across the content, including; contraction of the agricultural sector, women’s increased migration, urban growth and rising slum populations, a majority (nonworking age) youth population alongside an increasing elderly population, and an increase in non-communicable diseases even as life expectancy lengthens. From an economic perspective, the report raised important questions regarding future dynamics for women in terms of jobs, unpaid care, infrastructural needs, and social services. It also questioned the capacity of a growth-focused development framework to adequately respond to these issues while presenting new opportunities defined by an urgent need for a redirection of investments and cross-sectoral partnerships. en_US
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dc.subject African feminist futures en_US
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dc.title African feminist futures: Macroeconomic pathways en_US
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