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Title: Advocating for women's rights: Experiences from Solidarity for African Women's Rights Coalition
Authors: Musa, Roselynn
Edeme, B.
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: African Women's Development Fund
Abstract: "So much has been said about the significance of understanding and interpreting the discourse of women's human rights accurately. It is observed in the literature that the apparent insensitivity to women's rights has traditional roots that are deeply buried in ignorance and history. Thus, there have been many local and global divergent and, sometimes, contradictory efforts at challenging this lack of knowledge or the misinterpretation of efforts aimed at addressing gender inequality and injustices perpetrated against women under various guises. It is this imperative of uniting such divergent perspectives that gave rise, for example, to the Beijing Conference in 1995, and other interactive initiatives at national, regional, and global levels since then."
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