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Welcome to AfriRep, the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) repository. AfriRep provides access to Publications, including Articles, Conference Papers etc that relate to issues concerning women.

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  • Isis-WICCE; Oguttu, Juliet Were; Nassolo, Suzan Nkinzi (2011-11)
    Child marriage has continued to be one of the major factors affecting the achievement of development indices and targets in Uganda.This report presents the findings of the study on “Child Marriage and its impact on ...
  • Isis-WICCE (2012)
    The report documents Isis– WICCE's annual Peace Exposition that was held in Kasese in 2011 that focused on ending child marriage in the district. It provided a space for different stakeholders to speak out strongly ...
  • Isis-WICCE; Ezabir, Ali; Oguttu, Juliet Were (2013)
    Isis-WICCE in partnership with Jamme/Kashmir Association carried out a study on the ‘impact of armed conflict on the Health of half widows in Kashmir- India’. The study explored the mental, social and physical impact of ...
  • Isis-WICCE (Isis-Wicce, 2011)
    The report documents the medical intervention that Isis-WICCE carried out in collaboration in the sub counties of Ogur and Aromo in Lira district to to address the most pressing and priority health needs of women war ...
  • Isis-WICCE (2006-03)
    Isis-WICCE, using its action oriented approach noted the urgent need for the development of a standardised locally adapted training manual for use to train operational level health workers working in areas affected by armed ...